Energy Sistem was thinking in its new campaign and it had no doubts to travel parks, streets and back alleys to find a new streetstyle exponent and to connect with its main target: the young.

They knew that it was necessary to bet for a secure value, a younger with Internet presence and a huge number of fans. With these two concepts appeared a name: Porta. By this way the MC became Energy Sistem image for next months. 

During 2006 the MC revolutioned Internet with the publication of his first theme “No es cuestión de edades”. It wasn’t a question of ages, just of time that his name became one of the most searched in Internet. His fans achieved that Porta became the fist novel Spanish artist to exceed a million of visits in his Myspace profile.
 After the succes of his early themes, arrived his first CD “En boca de  tantos” (2007), wich with the discographic stamp of Universal it became Gold Disc. Two years later Porta launches “Trastorno Bipolar”, with this disc he has achieved to act in concerts, for example the concert in Luna Park (Buenos Aires) in the presence of 7.000 persons.  Now Porta launches his new single “Sé tú mismo”, song which will be de BSO in the campaign of Energy Sistem.

The campaign which its name is “Energy Versus” has as main objective to make the notoriety and marketing strategy of the brand stronger, and to exhibit the launchment of two new products: DJ headphones and “Music Box” . Two complete lines which stand out for its design and versatility.

With the campaing Energy Sistem makes an strong bet for digital contents, between the promotional actions stands out: microsite, exclusive contents in Facebook, messages of Porta in social media and online advertising in Facebook, Youtube and another similar supports.

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