It is the last to join up the group and its mission is to tune DVB-T channels in HD on any PC or laptop via USB port. We are talking about the T1250, the new USB DVB-T tuner and recorder of Energy Sistem, which support HDTV up to 1920x1080i in a compact size of just 20mm x 37mm and6 grams of weight. These features make it the markets smallest in its class.

The new HD DVT-T tuner of Energy Sistem allows any PC or laptop with the following minimums requirements such as: Intel Celeron 600MHz or higher, 128MB RAM or higher and Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7, to become a real TV capable of playing any HD DVB-T station. Moreover this device not only tunes but also records even while the computer or laptop is in stand-by.

Another of its main advantages is that the device allows recording in real-time and also supports scheduled recording by EPG and it can capture program video as still image of the current film or serial. Moreover, thanks to the Time shift function you can pause the live programmes and resume watching them anytime.

This Mini USB DVB-T tuner and recorder includes software with media center applications. The device is fully equipped with remote control, antenna and coaxial antenna adapter, and also includes a CD with drivers and applications. With this new release Energy Sistem takes the lead in the market of the HD-DVB-T USB tuners.

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