It’s well known that some complements and accessories become a social reference and even mark periods, trends and youth movements. At one time were the portable radio cassette players, later the Air Jordan sneakers and now the DJ headphones mark the steps of young people worlwide

After a careful process of development and design, this summer Energy Sistem presents the Energy DJ Deep Bass line with three different models: Energy DJ 410 Deep Bass Black, Energy DJ 410 Deep Bass White y Energy DJ 400 Deep Bass Comic Art, three models that combine: unique design, power and portability.

The new line stands out for an exceptional sound quality thanks to the enclosed dynamic circumaural headphones with 44 mm diaphragm diameter that deliver rich bass sound and an output sensitivity of 108 dB for a powerful audio output. Moreover, the design of enclosed circumaural headphones lets you enjoy music with a strong bass response.

All three models feature an exceptional folding system to be easily transported and stored. Moreover, they allow a 90-degree turn to enjoy greater when worn over one ear. Both the Energy DJ 410 Black and White as well as the Energy DJ 400 Comic Art, are the lightest headphones in its group, self-adjusting and with an ergonomic design with cushioned headband for a perfect fit on the head.

If the Energy DJ 410 Black and White have a microphone for use with all types of mobiles and smartphones, the design of the Energy DJ 400 Deep Bass Comic Art stands out as an exclusive work of the designer Jaime Espinar of Energy Sistem. The Energy DJ Deep Bass is just the starting point of a complete range of headphones that Energy Sistem will launch in the next months and will respond to the needs and demands of all public.

Energy DJ 410 and Energy DJ 400 are the main characters together with Porta in the last campaign of Energy Sistem, “Energy Versus”. In order to reinforce the notoriety and launch of the new line, the campaign make a strong bet about digital contents, with exclusive content in social media and online advertising in Facebook, Youtube and another common supports.

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