We are aware of the new social era in which we are immersed, pointing every day to the new multidirectionnal channels of communication with our public.

They and their voice are the true prescribers, the value generators of our brands, those who give an opinion, who celebrate, who recommend .

For this reason the ‘Social Voting System’ , developed in Facebook, is born. Facebook is the social platform par excellence giving everyone the opportunity to comment on future product developments.

With this initiative we aim to create products with a strong emotional and participatory link, where the followers of Energy Sistem feel it as their own, designed in part at its sole discretion.

This initiative started with an initial system of voting, where from a model already designed, it encourages everyone to comment on their favorite colour.

The three colours most voted are finally developed and will be sold throughout the distribution channel worldwide.

We invite you to join and to discover the most “social” products of Energy Sistem

Vote, give us your valuable opinion

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