In 1997 Dave Winer, software Developer, entrepreneur and North American writer, created the first blog of the history in NY City. Curiously, that blog talked, between other things, about technology. In the same manner that Winer made in his day, we also will talk about technology, because technology innovation is and will be the “alma mater” of Energy Sistem’s blog, a blog that will be the binnacle and diary of the company, where company, clients, consumers… will find its own space.

Surfing on means to go into the “kitchen” of Energy Sistem, also means to discover the product managers’ vision, this blog is a space where to know before anybody the new products, where enjoy advertising campaigns and to be informed about the international expansion of the company.

Listen, communicate, talk… these are the keys of Energy Sistem’s blog. Surfing, exploring our categories, writing comments… you are part of the new adventure of Energy Sistem. In this moment, we give a warmly welcome to Energy Sistem’s blog –!

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