Madrid is in this moment the Knowledge Capital. Since yesterday up tomorrow is celebrating “El ser creativo” a multidisciplinary event, with presentations of 21 opinion leader of different fields: biology, anthropology, philosophy, economy, new technologies… presentations of 21 minutes (maximum time which brain human maintains the attention) where they are trying to inspire to the assistants and the world. In Energy Sistem are always looking for the inspiration, and for that reason we have collected 10 inspirational sentences from the event:

“The question is not what will happen? But what are we going to do? “

“The Internet generation has to be the creator of the third revolution”

“Leader is not the boss but who inspires”

“This generation lived their lives in public”

“The structure of a company is a net”

“The question is not whether it is when, who and how”

“The innovation has to produce money.”

“Every two days is created as much information as from the beginning of time until 2003”

“Something must be different creative, unique and it becomes a standard”

“When we finally had the answer, they’d changed the question so that the world”

10 ideas for the inspiration, which is yours?

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