Today we present the new campaign of Energy inspired by the most trendy London. Following the latest trends in fashion and design, the new graphic is the beginning of a trip around the most exotic and cosmopolitan cities on the planet in the coming months. By the way, a nod to the unstoppable internationalization of the brand Energy.

 The classic red boxes in the Thames city and the Beefater of the Buckingham Palace blend with the new tablets, media players and e-readers that will revolutionize the market in the coming months. Among the many new highlights this season brings a new line of MP3 players for the athletes and a full range of radios, headphones and audio systems. Furthermore, how could it be otherwise, the most complete offer of MP4 and MP5 players, portable DVD players, eBooks and portable TVs on the market is updated.

Like every season, Energy Sistem Soyntec group remains committed to providing the best technology at the best price to make it available to everyone. The amazing new catalogs are already arriving in the best shops and you can download them at and on social networking sites.


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