Beyond the areas in which product managers develop and innovate new technology products, areas in which the sales department close agreements with new distribution centers, or tables in which the marketing department refines ideas for new campaigns and new catalogs, there is an area where it is forbidden not to relax: the garden of Energy Sistem.

There are many days in which many employees are unable to resist crossing the bridge over the lake to reach the area of ​​banks where they can enjoy a few minutes of conversation and relaxation with other colleagues outside, taking advantage of the pleasant climate of the east coast. Who could resist?

Moreover every morning all employees have at their disposal a full range of tasty fruits: apples, bananas, tangerines,pears, grapes … They each decide when to have a rest to replace forces with a piece of fruit and to make mornings more relaxed, talking to that colleague in another department with which is more difficult to coincide the rest of the day, and sharing confidences in front of the coffee machine. Each employee selects the best time to enjoy the fruit of the day . What would be the best moment for you?

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