The urban lifestyle in constant motion forces us to take light and multifunctional things, when listening to music it happens the same thing. The mini portable speakers Music Box Z100 of Energy Sistem are the ideal devices for sharing music anywhere either in a park, in a hotel room, at home, at a party with friends … and forget the limited sound of a laptop or a smartphone. With a modern finish and the special care of the chrome details and the “soft touch”, the new Z100 make the difference in any environment.

The Energy Z100 Mini Music Box MP3 Ruby Red and the Energy Z100 Mini Music Box MP3 Black are speakers and MP3 players. Small and practical, you just have to connect the audio input to any audio source or insert a microSDHC card with MP3 music, and the sound comes to life.

The new music box has an extensible speaker with a bass enhancement system XTB and a RMS power of 3W. It has an input “line-in” of 3.5 mm to listen to music stored on any portable player or computer, and a microSDHC card reader up to 16 GB. With a playback and volume control integrated you can share your music anywhere thanks to its powerful speaker or enjoy music on your own with the headphones.

Its compact and portable design allows you to take it everywhere and almost without time limitation due to its rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to 5 hours, powered via USB port. The new models Z100 stand out for the purity of sound and for their unbeatable size and power ratio.

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