He surprised rap and hip-hop lovers with his rhymes and lyrics, he has more of 4.000.000 of fans in Facebook, his videos mark records of visits in YouTube and now Porta together with Energy Sistem, launch a new and exclusive model of DJ headphones to the market, the Energy DJ700 Porta Edition. To his fans can enjoy his rhymes in headphones designed by himself and counting with the innovation and technology of the company.

The new model stands out for its design and an exceptional quality sound thanks to circumaural headset with high-tech enclosed transducer delivering the cleanest and purest sound. Enclosed headphones, with a diaphragm diameter of 40 mm, and with 108db of sensitivity range, for a powerful audio output. With “Deep Bass Response” that enhances the sound, providing punchy bass and crystal clear response.

The Energy DJ700 Porta Edition model presents an exceptional folding system to be easily transported and stored. Moreover, it has been designed with synthetic leather quilted pads to get the maximum insulation and comfort. They allow a 90-degree turn to enjoy greater when worn over one ear and it has a cushioned headband for a perfect fit on the head.

With a comfortable high conductivity copper cable and gold-plated 3’5mm jack, Energy DJ700 Porta Edition is iPod and iPhone compatible. It will stand out for its exceptional sound response, for its design in red and black and for a high number of details designed by Porta. DJ700 Porta Edition: “Slaves to a music what make us free”.

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