Nieves Álvarez, Pierce Brosnan, Penélope Cruz, Sharon Stone, Paul Newman and a large Lumber of national and international artists have shared space in the MP5 Color Book 3048 Ruby Red of Energy Sistem thanks to Freixenet. The cava’s company chose Energy Sistem and its MP5 Color Book to present journalist with this device in spot media presentation.


The mass media with the device in theirs hands could enjoy watching the Freixenet spots, from Paz Vega’s Dream to Beauty and the Best stared by Nacho Duato and Andy McDowell, because in each device were stored all the Freixenet spots, from the first to the last.


Freixenet’s burbles and Energy Sistem’s technology say mass media Merry Christmas! With the device of the moment: the MP5 Color Book 3048 Ruby Red, a multitouch device which you can enjoy your eBooks, comics, music, picture, FM radio and HD videos in the palm of your hand.


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