We have danced with Rafa Mendez, we have launched three news tablets, expanded the families of the catalogue, we have been presents in the main ferias… Today we make a toast for those 365 days. We make balance and … ¡toward next year!


We began the year with the presentation of the agreement between Energy Sistem and Correos by this way Energy Sistem’s product were on sale in the differents Correos offices of Spain, a presentation what counted with Rafa Mendez like master of ceremonies. Alse we launched the multimedia center for most demanding user, the Energy P3450, a full-HD multimedia center with HDTV tuner&recorder built-in.


The shortest month of the year was the chose to present on of the Energy Sistem’s success, the Color Book 2074, with this device we consolidated in the market the concept of the Color Books. This product was an electronic book with colour screen to enjoy reading magazines, comics, illustrations… Moreover we started “Moving” campaign with Rafa and the 7, with this campaign we looked for the best dancers of the country.


March arrived and also the Energy T3300, an Ultra compact DVB-T tuner to tune and record your favorite TV programs in digital quality through the USB port. It also allows connecting an external hard disk or pen drive to the USB port to play multimedia files: movies (Divx, AVI), music and photos. And also started the emission of energy Tablet i504 spots in the main TV channels.


With the spring the MP3 Car arrived, two models: Energy Car MP3 1204 Deep Black and Energy Car MP3 1100 Dark Iron, with a strong advertising campaign in magazines. In this month we connect the fans with Valencia C.F players throughout Energy Tablet i504. Joaquín, Mata, Soldado and Albelda received with theirs tablets the fans messages.

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