It begins 2012, runners, athletes, lovers of an active lifestyle … all of them have noted down the sporting events in the calendar:  Berlin Marathon, New York Half Marathon, popular races … Energy Sistem launches a new allied   for the music to follow theirs steps. Three MP4 with accessories directed towards sports practice that make up Energy Sistem’s 25 Sports series.

An exclusive design of Energy Sistem, as shows the heart in the back of the devices and developed with the idea of   making them very compact to be used on the move. With those concepts in mind have arrived the models: Energy 2504 Sport Power Blue, Energy 2504 Sport Fuchsia Red and Energy 2508 Sport Lime Green.

The three models have a practical clip to hook the MP4 to clothes, backpack… They are ultralight devices with a weigh of just 16 gr. and 13 mm long, with 262.000 colours LCD TFT screen and playing MP3 / WMA music, videos and JPG / BMP pictures. Moreover they have built-in FM tuner with presets and direct recording, and digital voice recording with the built-in microphone.

The new series includes practical and comfortable accessories like silicone sports bracelet, auto-adjustable and with access to the player controls, ergonomic and adaptable sport earphones, and USB 2.0 Hi-Speed cable for charging and connecting to the PC.  But the best yet is  how easy  are to use:   Just  place  the MP4 inside  into the bracelet , adjust to the arm with a simple gesture, put into play and put the body in movement.

The 25 Sports Series also stands out for its electrifying colours. The Power Blue one reflects an intense dark blue and the Fuchsia Red one has all the power of Energy Sistem’s pink products, both of them have 4GB of internal memory. Finally, the Lime Green one shows an acid and vibrant green and it has 8GB of memory to store files. Three MP4 incredibly comfortable and light, capable to resist any race thanks to their 10 to 12 hours of autonomy.

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