Last Tuesday 10 started in Las Vegas the most important technology fair of the world: CES. While we wait our special correspondents come back from Las Vegas, we write some curiosities and anecdotes about CES.

CES was celebrated for first time in New York City in 1967, from that day up today have been presented more than 20.000 products. In this fair we have met innovations that now are essentials in our daily life as: Blu-ray and HD-DVD, the Sony MiniDisc or the CD and the video-camera.

Please find below the great technology launches from 1970:

1970: first VCR

1974: LaserDisc

1975: Atari Pong

1981: CD & videocamera appears

1982: Commodore 64

1985: Nintendo Etertaiment System, known as “NES”

1988: Tetris

1993: Sony MiniDisc

1995: Microsoft Bob

1998: HDTV System

1999: TiVo

2000: Radio satellite

2001: First Xbox

2003: Blu-ray & HD-DVD

2008: 150 plasma inch screen of Panasonic

2009: Palm Pre

2010: Netbooks

2011: Android Tablets

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