Alejandro Santacreu, Product Manager of Tablet family at Energy Sistem and an “special correspondent” to Las Vegas, shares with all of us his thoughts and vision of what he lived and what happened in CES 2012.

The last 10, 11, 12 and 13 January was held in Las Vegas CES, the major technology-related trade show, the place which defines the trends of the season and where have historically host previews of products and new products announcements (VHS, CD, Laser Disc …).

This year’s edition had three undisputed main protagonists: tablets, headphones and 3D TVs. In general, the volume of tablets and Android devices has been simply overwhelming, and the trend towards integration and interconnection with other devices in home (from the TV to the fridge or washing machine). Also the headphonesas a fashion accesory adapted to each occasion with a variety of styles for all imaginable situations and users.

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