New Energy Sistem tuners can expand the possibilities of all TVs with their different functions

We spent about three hours per day in front of the TV where loads of possibilities captivate the spectator: thematic channels, sports competitions, top series, etc. From the new TDT arrival we can enjoy different contents, but also we can multiply the functions of the TV. In Energy Sistem, they know a lot about it, without forgetting the wide TDT tuner range, they improve it with the launch of two new models such as: Energy SD2 Swivel Mini Scart and Energy TDT HD3 HD DVB-T Receiver.

The model SD2 is compact with a pivoting headstock (180º) which tunes and records TDT on a standard resolution. With direct connection to the TV by the scart, the TDT does not occupy much space in the living room and it is not visible. It is compatible with the standards DVB-T and MPEG-2, also it tunes and records TDT in all external devices (pen drive, hard disk drive) with digital quality.

It has MSM (Multi Screen Mosaic) function to visualize on the screen different channels; it also includes teletext (VBI), weekly electronic program guide and parental control to control the kids. It also has USB connection to play all multimedia files and different functions for the channels: favorites, move, lock and classify. Moreover, the TDT SD2 is an “ecoenergy” device, due to its low energy consumption in “stand by” to contribute to environmental sustainability.

On the other hand, the model HD3 is a combination of the multimedia center and the tuner TDT. This device turns and saves TDT high resolution channels and it plays all kind of multimedia files and Full- HD videos in different formats (MKV, AVI, DIVx) throw the USB connection, it also has HDMi connection for digital video up to 1080p.

It is completely compatible with the standards DVB-T, MPEG-2, MPEG-4/H.264, AVC and all formats MKV/H.246. It also includes a weekly programming guide and program recording functions, USB port and memory card reader to play multimedia files and time shifting function to record and replay where you want. As the SD2 model includes parental control, different functions for the channels: favorites, move, lock, classify and an efficient energy use. It has two completed and practical devices to adapt all the TVs and houses to the digital age.

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