Everybody has thousands and thousands of songs stored in an MP3 or MP4 and sure that when you are at home, you want to listen to the songs full blast. For this, Energy Sistem launches a new stereo speakers system, the Energy Acoustics 100 Wood Box, a new speaker model with wood finish, for a warm and rich in shades sound, and specifically designed for MP3, MP4 and computers.

The Energy Acoustics 100 Wood Box are 2.0 speakers with 6 watts RMS that respond with a great power output and with superior sound clarity. With a compact design, the speakers have switch and volume control on the front part. Moreover, the device includes stand for MP3/MP4.

With a ~220V/50Hz   power supply, a 12 W peak power and magnetic shielding powered speakers, the Energy Acoustics 100 Wood Box extends Energy Sistem’s sound family becoming one of the company’s most complete and worthy families.

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