Months ago when Energy Sistem had the feeling that the synopsis and the cast of ‘Promoción Fantasma’ were going to succeed, they had no doubt about participating in the film through a product placement, because they could feel the success, and it has been like that, the Spanish film has received a large number of reviews and it has become one of the best films of the weekend in Spain. The film directed by Javier Ruiz Cadera, and leaded by Raúl Arévalo -the winner of a Goya- and by other well-known actors of Spanish cinema, such as Alexandra Jiménez, Jaime Olías, Andrea Duro… From Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th February it has accumulated an audience from 108.000 to 110.000 viewers.

In the social network the comments haven’t kept us waiting, so during all the weekend the audience stated that it is a film to laugh, to get excited and to enjoy listening to legendary songs. One more time, Energy Sistem has supported the cinema and the young talents. The brand appears in the most important scenes of the film as the romantic moment of the swing -with Alexandra Jiménez- and when the main actors are listening to a playlist through a MP5 series 75 and S250 speakers.

Here you have a compilation of the reviews of the main actors played in Spanish movies: @pfantasma más americana que las americanas. Guión de hierro. Espléndidamente dirigida (Álex de la Iglesia), #PromocionFantasma peliculón! Altamente recomendable! ( Santiago Segura), Tengo una noticia buena que dar: PROMOCIÓN FANTASMA ES MARAVILLOSA (Nacho Vigalondo) y Promoción Fantasma es lo más parecido a la peli que alquilabas en VHS para verla con colegas… pero aún mejor! John Hughes está vivo! (Juan Antonio Bayona).

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