300, like the epic film starred by Gerard Butler, these points you can obtain with your registration in Club Energy. A club with a lot of benefits: Accumulate points that you can redeem for fantastic prizes and discount coupons, obtain the Energy Superguarantee, and receive information about new promotions, sweepstakes and offers before anybody else….

Don’t forget to activate the points, to have them available to buy any Energy Sistem product as: Energy DJ700 Porta Edition, Energy Color Book MP5 3048 Ruby Red, Energy Music Box Z400 or MP4 Energy 2504 Sport Power Blue.

Moreover, do you know that is possible accumulate Energies with the subscriptions in the contests of the web? You will get 50 Energies in each draw. Come to Club Energy, check your personal data and press the bottom “Save changes”. See you in the club!

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