That you love your father is undeniable, but showing how much you remember him on his day is something that will make you to add points and become the best son ever.

To do so, we introduce some ideas for presents that we have prepared for you, at the best prices:

Energy Tablet I828 HD 8 GB Touchscreen TFT-LCD 5 points, 8″ high definition, wireless connection, microphone, front and back camera integrated and output Full HDMI by 229 €.

Portable DVD Player Dual Screen EnergyMobile 472with widescreen LCD 7″ allows you to enjoy video or images at the same time, and contains headphones and independent speakers on each screen to enjoy your car rides only for 139 €.

Energy 3190 LED HDTV TV Black is a portable media player with 9 ” LED screen – where you can tune and record HDTV channels. In addition, through an USB you can play videos in different formats (DivX / MPEG-4/MKV), photos and music. You can find it in the store for just 139 €.

Ebook Energy MP5 Color Book 3044 Rubber Black, portable media player with multi touch screen, TV out, 4GB of memory expandable to 16GB with microSD card to enjoy books, comics,music, photos, FM radio and HD videos wherever you are from 69.90 €.

Energy MP4 Urban 8GB 2508 Dark Iron is the lightest and most compact Energy player. With an amazing sound quality, it also contains earphones, microphone, FM radio and an internal zipper urban case. Find it is at our store for 49, 90 €.

You can also find a wide range of products at our online store where you can choose the present you want. See you on

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