The company introduces two new models of headphones with microphone and control talk in order to transport them with your portable player wherever you go and also to walk with style around the city.

Energy Sistem has take advantage of the beginning of the spring in order to upgrade a new range of headphones. This three renovated models include a new design with a combination of colours to make your own choice: Energy DJ 310 Black & Red, Energy DJ 310 White & Pink and Energy 300 White & Grey.

Now –with the nice weather- you can enjoy them outside, taking advantage of their sound quality. That fact, it is a priority to Energy Sistem. New Energy DJ 310 has a 40mm diameter driver and a 108 dB sensibility that provides a Hi-Fi sound which allows enjoying of your favourite music. Besides, their 145 grams and their 90º allow them to be light and comfortable to carry them always wherever you are.

The three DJ style models are adjustable. They have ergonomic earpads with a padded headband design. Another interesting characteristic is their practical unilateral cable which avoids tangles. Besides, their microphone included in the cable will allow you to connect with the people you want and wherever you are. Thanks to their control talk function you will be able to pause or restart your music comfortably.

As an alternative to those who does not want headphones to listen their favourite music, Energy Sistem launches the new DJ 300 without microphone.

The biggest headphones have been separated from the traditional Hi-Fi to success among the most urbanites as a stylish accessory with mobiles and mp4 players. Energy Sistem joins this new trend by adding different affordable models for all styles.

For those who don’t like bright colours, they can choose Energy 310 Black & Red headphones. And for those who want to wear pastel colours, they can elect Energy 310 Pink & White headphones. And for the classic ones, we suggest an alternative: Energy DJ 300 White and Grey headphones. Different colours are available for each style, personality and pocket.

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