This is the last product presented by Energy Sistem. A multimedia player which has a second generation 3D panel, it has a 3D effect of high definition without the need of using glasses.


3D has been a true technological revolution in the last years. Firstly, it has arrived to the cinemas, after it has conquered the small screen and now it has managed to get into the world of portable devices with a solid step forward.

One of the biggest disadvantages has been so far the need to use glasses in order to watch all the 3D contents. But thanks to the application of a novel technology –known as Parallax barrier– the use of this technology is not indispensable to enjoy the fantastic world of the 3D images and videos.

The best example of this new experience is offered by Energy Sistem with this Full HD player, the Energy 3D HD Media Player 6608 Dark Iron which has a 6” LED screen with a minimalist design and a customized interface which guarantees to the user a simple and easy experience.

It is a device which includes 3D technology with a second generation panel and a more realistic 3D effect without the need of using glasses. It is a multimedia device which allows playing 3D and 2D videos (Side-by-Side), pictures, music and digital books in 3D, 2D and Full HD.

It has a capacity of 8 GB, memory extension with microSDHC up to 32 GB or external USB to take your films wherever you go. Besides, its rechargeable lithium battery will allow you to watch 5 hours of video nonstop or to watch up to 10 hours of music.

As usual, Energy Sistem gives all its productions the necessary accessories to obtain a better product enjoyment. This time Energy 3D HD Media Playerincludes an attractive packaging, a carrying case, a screen cleaning cloth, Hi-Fi in-ear earphones, USB cable 2.0 High-Speed to connect it to the PC and to charge the battery.

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