The spring equinox has arrived and at Energy Sistem we celebrate it in our own way.

So we launch a new campaign dedicated to Mother’s Day which has been the way to welcome this eagerly awaited month –according to the reckoning of the Spanish National Astronomical Observatory- it has started Tuesday 20 of March and it will go on until next 21st June on the beginning of the summer.

Recently was Father’s Day where he was the protagonist but now it is mother’s turn, so we have to start thinking about the best gift for her. Which one do you think will be her ideal gift?

Here you have some ideas… 

Energy Mobile 370 TV player with TNT included, 7’’ HD wide screen, mounting kit and adaptor for the car. You will enjoy of your DVD and multimedia files thanks to the USB port and to its anti-shock system which avoids jumps when watching on a car, for just 109 €.

Energy MP5 Color Book 3048 Ruby Red. E-book player light-weight and handy with touch screen that will allow you to enjoy reading books and comics at the same time you listen to your MP3 music or the radio. Besides, you will be able to play more than 16 hours of HD videos and watch your preferred photo albums for just 79,90 €.

Energy Photo Frame 850 Soft Blanck 8’’ LED backlight screen and rechargeable battery up to 2 hours performance and 2GB of built-in memory for storing 4.000 photos. You will be able to transform your Energy Photo Frame 850 on a practical photo album to enjoy and share your pictures, videos, music and e-books wherever and whenever you want. The price is very affordable, for just 39,90 €.

Energy 4024 Touch 4 GB Fuchsia Red, ultralight and sport MP4 with radio FM included which helps you to excel yourself at the gym or outdoor to the rhythm of the music that beats. Excel yourself with your sport kit with an auto-adjustable armband with adaptable sport earphones for just 39,90 €.

Energy Radio 150 Violet, with a Hi-sensitive AM/FM radio tuner, compact size and light weight to take it anywhere. Enjoy of your favourite music thanks to its built-in high quality speaker and its line-in port to enjoy of your music from any portable audio device for just 14, 90 €..

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