New generation of precision touch screen eBooks from Energy Sistem has arrived. You will be able to read books, listen to the radio, play your favourite songs, photos or HD videos at the same time. In addition to other functions that makes them a perfect product to enjoy it wherever you go.

Energy Sistem reinvent itself and launches an updated series of colour eReaders with 2 points TFT multi-touch screen and ultra slim ergonomic design. A series composed of 5 devices with different functions and size for different target groups –which go from the practical young reader to the expert one-.

The transition to eBooks is happening much faster than expected. After several trials to obtain popularity they have achieve it! Therefore, Energy Sistem introduces this range of eReaders that completes the existent family with the objective of optimizing its quality, design and price.

Energy Color eReader C8+ Touch Titanium Grey is the leading product of this new updated version. The first 8” colour device with touch screen and 4:3 ultra-slim book format of the market which will allow enjoying a much more pleasant reading. Besides, with its 8GB expandable memory –up to 16GB- by microSD, you will be able to store your favourite books, magazines, comics, documents, songs, photos and videos.

The product that follows the family tree is Energy Color eReader C7+ Touch Titanium Black. It is a device with 7”touch widescreen which plays all kind of HD multimedia fields. It has 8GB to store up to 2800 eBooks and an expandable microSD cards memory. For those who do not need a huge storage capacity, they can choose 4GB internal memory Energy Color eReader C7+ Touch Titanium Grey.

The smallest models of these new Serie C+ are Energy Color eReader C4+ 8 GB Touch Titanium Red and Energy Color eReader C4+ 4GB Touch Titanium Grey. Both 4,3” touch widescreen and size which imitates pocket books and allows to transport them without taking up much space.

Other value added is that new models include 1500 works of universal literature, and also can play protected books Adobe DRM which you can buy it on an online bookshop. They are compatible with the most popular file formats and they allow reading them vertically or horizontally. It is possible to change size and colour of type and background. They include bookmarks and book records to access directly and comfortably to the books you want. Besides, they have a TV-out to connect it directly and they offer the possibility of recording voice notes on MP3 digital quality and to transfer them easily to the computer.

All Serie C+ is also notable for its wide equipment with neoprene case, USB 2.0 cable, A/V cable and in-ear headphones with neodymium magnet which improves bass sound quality and also matches with the colour of the device.

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