Energy Sistem continues unstoppable in its public appearances. This month, it has revealed its new brand specifier, it has presented a new Facebook profile and it has been present in the most popular television programs, including the NBA .

New image of the brand

Energy Sistem as a brand committed with young and emerging music in our country – relies on the national pop band Auryn as a brand image for next months…

The objective of Energy Sistem with this action is to become a leader brand among young people in our county, increasing common ties between them. Therefore, it has developed a 360 degrees campaign which includes offline and online media –available to the target- and which will be revealed soon.

TV Investment

Energy Sistem continues to rely on television as one of the best media on advertising investment. This month, our tablet has sponsored the morning news of Telecinco, and the MP4 sport series has sponsored one of the most watched television programs of Spain in Telecinco –called Mujeres, Hombres y viceversa-.

Besides, Energy Sistem has been present with its DJ 700 spot in the NBA through Energy channel.


Energy Sistem has started using the Timeline on Facebook. The brand has changed its profile design in order to adopt new requirements for social media network and to continue caring about good relationships with fans.

Next months will be full of innovations, being the engagement the key of our communication strategy. The content generation –combined with draws, competitions and promotions- will be the key to the keep profile activity and to continue increasing –not in quantity, but in quality-.

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