The company has received the Sapiens award in the category of best company of the year –an award of the Official College of Engineering in Computer Science of the Valencian Community– . These awards –celebrated annually in the capital- aim to recognize the experience of those professionals, companies and public administrations that have a leading role in Consumer electronics sector.

As the name implies, ‘Sapiens’ refers to concepts such as the witness, knowledge or intelligence. These are common qualities in all winners that the College of Engineering in Computer Science has wanted to award; and also letting society to know the closely items linked to the computing world.

Precisely, Energy Sistem has been recognized as a company that emphasizes its competitive capacity and its international expansion. It is consolidated day by day as a company leader on innovation. Despite the negative situation of Spain, the company continues increasing its staff and the production resources. It introduces onto the market fifty products and develops new product categories according to the needs of a market which is becoming more demanding.

The representative of Energy Sistem in that event was our Innovation Director –Daniel Havillio– that has received the award from Adrián Ballester –Member of Parliament and councillor of the Exchequer of the Valencian Government-.

With Energy Sistem, other professionals of the sector were recognized for their work such as Francisco Javier Castro –Telefonica’s director-, Dr Manuel Palomar –professor and Doctor of Computer Science-, and the mayoress of Torrent as public administration.

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