Starting from Zero is a new action short from Alicante which promises loads of action. According to its creators, “it is a purely Hollywood production where actors are involved on a shooting in the parking of a hospital, and the only help to get out alive of such chaotic situation will be the collaboration among them”.

During this week, the camera crew is in Alicante which has been the focus of attention by choosing the parking of one of its more important shopping centres called Plaza Mar 2.

The action short has been filmed completely in English and played by international actors such as Andy Hutchinson, Rafiq Richard and Fanny Gatibelza –spring from the collaboration with the Casanova Communication Agency and Gregorio Arroyo –the producer- and is also sponsored by our brand –Energy Sistem.

 Here you have some images of the filming where our DJ 700 Porta Edition are the starts:

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