The program Ocupa’t on Canal 9 is interested on Energy Sistem –as it is one of the main firms on the technological sector- which create new quality jobs in times of economic crisis.

This program –which is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 13:30 am at Canal 9- has visited our installations to know first-hand how we work at Energy Sistem and which is our raison d’être.

Despite theses times, Energy Sistem continues its international expansion by placing its products on the market in more than sixty countries in the whole world. And it is one of the few Spanish firms that continue to increase its staff and production resources. Each year, it innovates and develops more than fifty new products of different categories. In order to do so, the company needs a skilled staff –which talks different languages- believes in what they do and have passion for technology.

The program Ocupa’t –broadcasted on Canal 9- wanted to share it with us and it was interested on knowing the different current job offers in our firm to make them available to the audience and to spread the attractiveness of working on Energy Sistem.

Here you can watch the report.

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