We start with the reflections of our experts about some topical issues that caught those truly passionate about technology.

Ink invention is attributed to the Chinese –which have invented it 2500 years B.C in order to remain stories captured-. Nowadays, the ink has the same purpose; but it is not made by natural and digital dyes but with spheres charged electrically in order to display letters on a screen without glare –which can be read under the sun or even adjust it as we want.

Ten years ago when university scientists at the USA have started to work on a futurist project that today is reality. It was not a bad idea to replace the paper that came from centuries ago for ultramodern screens – with a card thickness and, of course, portable-. They had started working at that time and today –ten years later- they are already for sale at an affordable price .

The screen is formed by thousands of small balls electrically charged –the half was on white and the other half on black-. Besides being unfinished painted –each hemisphere have different polarity-. When they are activated and depending on the position of the thousands of those spheres situated on the page, they start forming letters, words, paragraphs… Simple but effective –and the best is its own electric consumption which allows the battery life of all devices even for weeks!

However, the electronic reading has loads of aspects to improve in our society –as the vegetable-based inks that from its beginning was hard to set up at school’s inkwells, offices from the beginning of the XX century –when they were the only option to write. Then, we have passed to rechargeable and disposable pens, later to ink cartridges for typewrites and the giant leap was to the printer cartridge. As consumers, we have to take the decisive leap forward to accept that it has already arrived to stay, because that will be the only device for reading.

The opened and perpetual invitation is focused not only on the consumer and book reader –they just have to be persuaded and convinced to try it- but also on the teachers and students. In order to implement creatively and introduce E books at school because it is the reading epicentre in our society, and it is where the revolution and change will be really gestated.

Besides, the use of those E books will allow taking off weight from the school bags, reducing the cost of the school equipment in the medium term. Contributing the environment and providing the benefits to adjust font size to hundreds of thousands of students with reading deficiencies, which will take advantage from the beginning of the most comfortable and adaptable reading adjusts, and of course, of the ethical values of sharing books and documents immediately. The main objective pursued is the more efficient transmission of knowledge suited to our times.

They are several different schools and universities in the whole world which have accepted E Ink devices as a reading support. The most important bookstores and publishing companies have been added to the online sale of books –which guarantees the availability of each book around the world and which also reduces costs-. Therefore, the figures showed that the consumption of E Books has increase by 220%; it is the same figure for the sales of devices.

Whatever time of the year is propitious to get your first eReader. Energy Sistem has the most completed catalogue of the market –from E Ink devices to the TFT colour screen– do not wait any longer and be seduced by captivate stories, short stories, novels, tales, comics, which are waiting to be discovered under hundred of reading benefits with an electronic reader.

A book will always be the best present and now as a complement we have the eReader, instead of acquiring it on our trusted bookshop, without leaving home or your office; and download on a few seconds your Energy Sistem e Reader, the Best Seller or the best book of your favourite author and favourite writer.

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