Next 17th May will be celebrated World Telecommunication and Information Society Day –an initiative of the Internet Users Association- that aims to spread the importance and the big number of possibilities offered by new information technology, and how different firms and organisations contribute towards making easy their access.

Our collaboration is totally clear, and the point is that we still working day after day on creation, design and marketing of new devices that allow our clients to enjoy of the best cutting edge technology and to keep you connected and informed around the world.

But also, on this special day, we want to offer you 500 energies totally free, in order to exchange them for great discounts in all our products Energy Sistem: tablets, MP5s, MP4s, eReaders…

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Advice: In order to get 500 energies on World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, you will have to sign up on your Club Energy account during the 17th may, and just by accessing they will be activated. Click on the following link to enter.

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