The company launches to the market a new range of players with Android operating system, two new multimedia devices with touch widescreen –Android and Wi-Fi- .

Energy Sistem is always on the technological, designer and innovation forefront, developing new products that will provide a new experience to the end-user. Therefore, on this time, it does not wanted to be left behind and it returns with a developed series of multimedia players with Android and Wi-Fi included, which will allow the installation of thousands of applications and games.

Versatility, accessibility and connectivity are the main points combined on this new media player models: Energy Android™ Media Player 4GB 6304 Ruby Red and Energy Android™ Media Player 8GB 6308 Dark Iron.

These are two complete media players with different capacity, which includes Internet browser, alarm, e-mail manager, calculator, loudspeakers and Android 2.2 interface, to enhance users’ enjoyment of the HD multimedia contents, surfing the net and leveraging the power of thousands of applications.

Among the characteristics of these two devices with 4,3” touch widescreen (480 x 272 pixels), we highlight its Wi-Fi connectivity and its Rockchip 2818 processor that allows to play HD videos (720p) and MP3 HD music. Besides, it includes a USB-Host function which allows external USB devices connection (hard discs, pen drives, keyboards, mouses, etc.) through an included adaptor and USB-OTG function in order to have an easy access to the player’s memory from the computer.

If that was not enough, the 4 and 8 GB expandable internal memory Energy Android™ Media Player includes a loudspeaker and a microphone to listen to the music without the need of headphones or recording voice memos.

Battery is a key point when we talk about portable devices. This device includes a lithium battery and it offers up to three hours autonomy while playing video files and ten when it comes to music. This will allow the user to enjoy of a huge browsing time without worries, wherever they are.

On the other hand, Energy Sistem always includes in all its products, a packaging and Premium accessories, as a neoprene sleeve and headphones, which offers to the user a full enjoyment of the product, without the need of buying an additional accessory. With Energy Sistem you can start enjoying your player from the first day.

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