According to GFK consulting details, the firm is leading portable devices sales in the hypermarket sector between March 2001 and 2012 .

Reporting results are an objective way to obtain most important details for decision making, on starting all procedures and developing strategies. Energy Sistem is focused on obtaining a thorough understanding of the market where it is immerse and keeping leadership position as a Spanish firm which designs, commercializes and distributes ultra portable technology.

Despite the overall negative economic situation, Energy Sistem consolidates its leadership position in portable devices sales per unit, such as mp3, mp4 and mp5, improving its market share, in comparison to the same period last year, according to GFK consulting. That makes Energy Sistem one of the Spanish firms with the highest sales rate of portable players in the market and leader undeniable in Spanish hypermarket sector.

 The reasons are obvious. Energy Sistem is a firm engaged with the client who cares about innovating and developing new products, by offering best quality-price ratio. 10% of our turnover is invested in research and innovation, contributing firms’ modernity and competitiveness in international markets.

Regarding units produced, global figures shows that Energy Sistem produces more than 1.500.000 units per year and launches in the market more than fifty new products in different countries around the world, diversifying its production on new product categories.

This is a clear example of the success obtained on portable players’ category. These are 16 and 25 Urban and Sport series. Both models has improved Energy Sistem’s market share in this category, thanks to its innovative design and the strong support of all marketing campaigns.

At Energy Sistem, we continue working day after day to keep leadership position in portable devices sales, keeping strong and fruitful relationships with our distribution channel.

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