As we announced –the revelation group of Spanish pop- Auryn has been chosen for representing Energy Sistem as new image for the brand. The reason: it has a similar target audience as our brand and it is a success among youth of our country.

 The shooting of the campaign –that has taken up more than three intense days- finally has borne fruits. We will inform you soon of all our new through the microsite created for the campaign .

A global campaign that will count on different parts: spots, interviews, calls to action, sponsored pieces… And a video with Energy Sistem will be one of their main items. In this video the guys attend to a concert by their van –when suddenly at the middle of a desert landscape- they find a group of girls whose car has been broken down. Girls were attending to the guys’ concert, so they end up being rescued by the guys, starting together an unforgettable road trip.

You can not miss all surprises and resources prepared and those which we will reveal little by little. Pay attention to our microsite

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