Energy Sistem introduces two new 2.0 speakers system able from August 2012. These new products increase its sound family: Energy Acoustics 250 and Energy Acoustics 150. Both models include last technology Sound Xpansion System, enhancing sound clarity system with 2 additional passive radiator speakers that increase sound power and bass response. Besides, its USB adapter allows to charge them wherever you want, reducing energy consumption.

Energy Acoustics 250 have double acoustic enhancement system with an amazing bass punch, that creates the sensation of using subwoofer equipped speakers, giving much more space in our desk. Besides, they include 1500 mA USB adaptor in order to connect the speakers to a USB port or even to a plug.

For its part, Energy Acoustics 150 has additional passive radiators that provide a bass enhance bass quality in order to listen to your favourite music and they have volume control included in the cable for improving comfort. Its size and its excellent quality-price ratio are one of the main elements of these speakers. Also, this model include 1000 mA USB adaptor.

These sound systems complete Energy Acoustics speakers’ family, specially designed for offering a high sound quality and optimum energy consumption. Listen to your favourite music enjoying an amazing sound clarity and bass punch.

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