The Northern countries of Africa are one of our main objectives in our international expansion plan of Energy Sistem. That is why we want to share they incredible success at Energy Sistem, which has participated with Sogecom, at the International Fair of the Future Technology (SIFTECH), hold at Algiers .

Last 5, 6 and 7th June 2012 has been hold at Orán the Siftech this fair has brought different local and international exhibitors, as importers, distributors and consumers at Algiers and neighbouring countries such as Morocco and Tunis. The Fair that has not been hold during last 12 years, this time has been celebrated with joy in a country that demanded a regional meeting point for advances in computing, telephony and new technology.

Energy Sistem had a spectacular welcome in all senses. In one hand, its professionals could reach distribution agreements; and in the other hand, the consumers, thanks to open door day, they could offer first hand novelties that Energy Sistem prepares for the new season.


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