During June, Energy Sistem has started different collaborative actions with different entertainment websites, such as draws in the website of Mayoral Grecia and Kallejeo Spain, and the presence of the 3D HD player in Scifiworld –one of the most famous science fiction magazines inSpain- .


Energy Sistem has signed a collaboration agreement with the science fiction magazine called SCI-FI and Energy 3D HD Media Player 6608 Dark Iron which is the star of its website during these days. The result of this action speaks for itself.

Mayoral in Greece

Energy Sistem has signed a collaboration agreement with the website of Mayoral in Greece, with the objective of introducing our brand in this country.

MP4 series 22 of Energy Sistem appears in the main website of the brand during one month and a half, and in the promotion pages.

We will start more collaborative actions with Mayoral soon, in order to expand international presence in more than 570 points of sales in Greece.


The entertainment website called Kallejeo is interested on including on its website Energy Mp3 series sport, to inform people about the importance of the Sports.

Furthermore, in the “Ideas Kallejeo” section has started a draw to get one of these Mp3 of Energy Sistem, used in our brand and in different social profiles. The only requirement is being friend of Energy Sistem on Facebook.

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