For those of you who haven’t got a credit card and are wishing to make your first purchase in Energy Sistem’s Online Store, you now have the chance to do so. How?

It’s very simple. Surely you have already heard of PayPal but for those of you who haven’t, Energy Sistem is here to tell you all about it. PayPal is one of the safest platforms worldwide for online shopping. It has become the world’s paying method on the Internet with over 100,000 websites from all over the world where you can use it. It offers total freedom for you to choose and feel safe when you are buying products on the Internet. The only thing you have to do is decide which way you want to pay for your purchase, either with your credit card, your debit card, through your bank account or simply introducing money into your PayPal account. By this way you will receive or send money, pay for what you buy in any online store anyway in the world, send gifts and much more without having to put your personal and bank account details in every process.

Now we are going to explain to you in detail how to use PayPal and its advantages.

The first thing you have to do is create a PayPal account introducing your personal information and deciding which paying method you are going to use. PayPal will make sure that the money is sent as fast as possible, independently if it’s for a person, a shop or eBay. One of its advantages is being an instant purchase, and therefore, there is no need of waiting for a confirmation email or having to wait long queues at the bank.

Furthermore, another aspect to take in mind is its simplicity. When you have already bought once, your information is saved so that when you proceed to do your second purchase, you don’t have to keep introducing these details, they will be sent automatically. It is an online service which guarantees total security and which is completely free.

There is no better guarantee than having more than 230 millions of users from all over the world using PayPal. But you may still ask yourself how can you be sure that it is 100% secure? Well, once you enter PayPal’s website you can see in the navigation bar that it starts with HTTPS, something not very common as usually websites start with HTTP only. This means that it is a secure server that is also reflected in a small lock that will appear at the beginning of the bar. The icon of the lock means that it is a Secure Pay Platform, meaning that your computer is directly linked to the server, with no other machines interfering in the connection that could possibly cause any problem.

If you don’t own a credit card, you can now send or receive money by simply introducing the person’s e-mail address that they used for their PayPal account and indicating the quantity. To proceed with the process you will first have to put that quantity in your PayPal account and this way your money will be transferred with total security.

After reading about how to use PayPal, are you ready to start buying in Energy Sistem’s Online Store? Come on! It’s thought to be for all ages, with no worries and guaranteed safety. Enter and any product you choose will be sent to any part of the world. Hope to receive your order soon!

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