Energy Sistem presents Energy Clock Radio 230 Time Projector, a new Clock Radio with LCD backlit screen, 360º projector, digital FM radio, calendar and two independent alarms that are adapted to your daily routines or weekends .

One of the main characteristics of this device is the 360º projector that reflects the hour into the wall, the ceiling or any other surface, up to 2.4m distance. It also turns creating a flexible viewing angle and a clear image from any corner of your room in order to enjoy the comfort of displaying the time without any effort.

Digital FM radio function, with capacity to store up to 10 presets, allows you to achieve a perfect tuning and to save your preferred stations in the device memory. Its automatic switch-off function -programmable up to 90 minutes- will give you the possibility of falling asleep while you are listening to your favourite music and being woken up with one of the two alarms, which are played gradually in order to offer a smooth wake up. Moreover, you can choose between the alarm tone and the FM radio preset, and listen to pop music while resting on the bed or wake up with classical music. Its snooze function offers the possibility to put back the alarm each 9 minutes to be able to rest a bit more.

If you are worried about getting asleep when the light turns off, this radio clock will keep the set up of the hour because it includes an auxiliary battery that memorize the alarms to avoid reprogramming them again.

Do not let anyone take your sleep away! With the new Energy Clock Radio 230 Time Projector you can sleep peacefully and wake up when you want.

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