Energy Sistem as an engaged brand with young audience has done a new placement of its Energy DJ 300 Freesltyle White & Grey headphones in the IP series. This Spanish production for young audience will start next 15th July on Tuenti where it will perform famous people in Spain such as Ana Fernández, Pablo Alborán or Auryn guys who are the image of the brand at last brand campaign .

The trailer has more than 10.000 views on Youtube and it has been projected during one week at the screens of Callao Square in Madrid, where it has captured the interest of thousands of people that pass through this place every day. Energy Sistem –Spanish High Tech firm, has wanted to participate in this project engaged with youths, social networks and new technology in order to get closer to young audience.

This is a young drama with a romantic touch where its star –called Mario, a rebel young with controversial friends with different problems- decided to move to a middle or upper class place. Thanks to his new group of youths interested in new technologies, social networks, tendencies and who have a philosophy of life much more engaged, Mario will discover a world full of secrets and hypocrisy which are the order of the day.

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