Porta, one of the Spanish stars with more international projection in Latin America and an authentic mass phenomenon among youth in countries such as Mexico, Argentina or Colombia, has just ended his successful tour called “Reset” where the show was a Sell Out in most important cities such as Mexico DF, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile or Bogotá .

During the tour, fans have enjoyed the live performance of their idol and loads of them have acquired the official merchandising of Porta that includes our Energy Urban DJ 700 Porta Limited Edition headphones. The star has been attentive with his fans and he has signed autographs, CDs, posters, t-shirts and headphones which are a cult object for loads of Hispanic American fans.

From Energy Sistem we want to congratulate Porta for the success obtained in his Tour in all South America and to reaffirm our commitment with the star, one of the most famous persons in the Hispanic Urban Culture.

Congratulations Porta!

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