During the month of July we were expected to obtain great results. After assessment results done during these thirty-one days, the company has obtained more than eight millions hits on TV, on of the most popular media .

TV Audience

Energy Sistem continues to rely on TV as the most popular mass communication media, and in just one month has obtained more than 5 million hits thanks to the inversion done in this media. The Music Box Z250 and MP4 players of the series 25 Sport has sponsored the sports section during morning news of Antena 3, one of the most watched news in the Spanish TV.

Energy Road Trip

During the month of July, the campaign Energy Sistem Trip with Auryn has also been present on TV channels which are directly linked to our target, such as Disney Channel, Neox, Antena 3, Nova and Nitro.

We have had favourable results obtained, achieving a total of 2 million hits in channels such as Disney Channel, linked with a young target and more than 1.400.000 hits in Neox and Antena 3.

Furthermore, in just 2 months from the beginning of the Energy Road Trip and the videos of the campaign, we have had more than 295.000 views in our Youtube channel, being the official video of the Energy Road Trip the most watched.

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