Portable and ultra-compact stereo loudspeakers 2.0. These are some of the characteristics of the Linnker 7000 Music Streaming of Energy Sistem, this is a device that allows you to enjoy all your favourite music in streaming from your mobile phone, smartphone or other Bluetooth device without the need of cables.

This practical loudspeaker has the versatility of being bidirectional because you can control all functions from the loudspeaker: pressing pause, restart, changing songs, and turn up or down the volume… Definitely, you can play and control everything from your own device. Moreover, it supports A2DP and AVRCP profiles.

It has a real output power of 1.5W in each channel, it means 3W RMS, you can use it with 3 batteries AAA or plugging it directly to the electric current. This will allow you to enjoy all its functions wherever you are, at home or outdoors.

If this is not enough, the functionality of this device is much more completed than in other Bluetooth devices. It also includes a 3.5 mm jack input, so you are able to use it with practically any audio player and it is totally compatible with Android, iOS, PS3, etc. It is a perfect device for everyone and everything.

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