Energy Sistem expands its family of MP3 players for the car with the new Energy Car MP3 F2 Racing Red and Black Knight. Two devices with FM Transmitter included, card SD/SDHC reader, USB host and inline port in order to listen to your favorite music on the radio freely.

One of the main features of these devices is that they can play music in different formats, such as MP3 and WMA, from the SD/SDHC card, USB memory up to 32 GB or even from your telephone or tablet. Moreover, it works with different energy sources, from 12V or 24V which are with no doubt perfectly compatible with any car in the world.

It includes a LED BCD backlight screen with increased typography and remote control with access to all functions of the device. Moreover, you will be able to organize your music in different folders and to navigate through them from your car seat. These two models offer 4 different modes of play, including random mode for not changing the music while driving.

If you prefer to enjoy a customized sound, both devices include 8 different modes of EQ: Normal, Rock, Pop, Soft, Jazz, DBB and SRS, in order to regulate all stations as you prefer and your favorite songs will sound as you want.

Enjoy different possibilities offered by the new Energy Car MP3 F2 Racing Red and Black Knight and start enjoying all your music on your car radio with any cable or worries.

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