Summer holidays are close to the end and the date to go back to school is getting closer. This is why; it is time to be equipped with the newest school materials, bags, folders, cases, pens… in order to impress your classmates .

Energy Sistem offers a series of multimedia devices for impressing your friends and what is more, you will be able to turn your classes and the whole school year into a funny experience. Start the classes with last digital technology and consumption electronics and get the nickname of “the most tech” of the class thanks to these devices:

Energy Tablet i10: High performance tablet designed for Android 4 that includes an excellent autonomy thanks to its ultra-slim aluminum case, with an unbeatable viewing angle with an incredible 9,7” HD capacitive screen. It includes 1 GB of RAM DDR3 memory in order to offer best performance and versatility, HDMI output and 16 GB inner memory which are expandable up to 64 GB through micro SD-HC/XC. Moreover, it includes a carrying case, cleaning wipe and Hi-Fi in ear headphones. It is a completed device for impressing all your friends, for just 239€.

Energy Android Media Player: It is a complete multimedia player that includes Internet browser, alarm, e-mail manager, calculator, loudspeaker and interface Android 2.2 in order to take advantage of all kind of HD multimedia content, surf the net and take the most of thousands of applications. All multimedia content at your fingers for just 79,90 € .

Energy Color eReader c4 Touch Pink Glam and Electric Blue: Enjoy your books, comics, music, photos and favorite videos wherever you are with the new Energy Color eReader C4 Touch Pink Glam and Electric Blue. It is much more than a eBook, its cheeky colors and functionality turn them into an indispensable accessory for carrying it to all your classes for just 54,90 € .

Energy MP4 Urban Series 25: lightest and most compact MP4 of the market. With an unbeatable sound quality and in ear headphones with neodymium magnets, it is an ideal device to listen to your favorite music wherever you go. Moreover, its cheeky colors and its urban design make it the most chic MP4 for going back to school. Share your favorite songs, photos and videos with all your friends for just 39, 90 €.

Energy Touch MP5 5208 Fuchsia and Blue Metal: Metallic and youthful colors MP5 with a high touch screen in order to enjoy of your favorite films, music and photos wherever you go. What is more, it includes a FM-Transmitter to listen to your favorite music from any mini music system or in the car because it is totally wireless, for just 79, 90€.

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