Numbers don’t lie, Android operating system swept not only the North American market (43% of the total), but also Spain. During last year, the rest of operating systems in the market have had a significant decrease while Android has grown sharply.

Not only have we found ourselves facing an operating system totally optimized, but also its large developer community has obtain to exceed 600.000 official applications.

It is time to take the most advantage offered by Android, it is much more than a mobile phone because last version of this operating system is available in most part of the tablets in the market and players such as Energy 6304: Mp5 with Android and WiFi.

Step into Android Universe and explore all possibilities offered.

In Google Play you will be able the newest APPS for your device, from applications to download MP3 music, to maps, GPS, games, trainers and personal nutritionists, e-mail account synchronisation and much more. Come and see for yourself and start from now to customize your Android device!

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