Energy Sistem updates its Energy tablet i10 with Android 4.1, last version of this famous Google’s operating system. This update, besides including improvements in the performance of the device and in the WiFi connection, optimizes the administration of the memory, the notification system and the voice research, among other options.

Last version Android 4.1 is designed to improve speed, performance, the stability of our portable devices and, definitively, the user’s experience, it has become into a reference operating system that makes a fluent and softer the graphic appearance.

Other advantages are the precision of the notification’s system and some dynamic and attractive functions for the user. Besides of moving and putting the widgets and applications direct accesses on an intuitive and customized way depending on its use.

One of the main points to take into account was to improve the accessibility. In this case, Google has relied on a new keyboard with a much more intuitive prediction that contributes to a greater high-speed while writing. And if this were not enough, we include the new voice research, also in “off-line” mode, so we will be able to talk with the device without the need of having Internet connection.

Here you have this new firmware available in our support section of our website with some useful installation tips. Do not miss this opportunity and be one of the first people to get to know the improvements that Android 4.1. are include in your Energy Tablet i10.

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