Last 11th and 12th September was celebrated in Buenos Aires Distree Latam second edition, most influent independent meeting in Latin America’s consumption, it was thought to meet most important brands, importers, wholesalers and retailers .

Latin America is one of the most popular markets for Energy Sistem and, of course, we do not want to miss one of the most important meetings of the sector and also of the region. Our engagement with this market has been demonstrated through our successful commercial agreements in countries such as Uruguay, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador or Colombia, our promotional actions with Porta or the TV campaigns done, such as the summer campaign through the Spanish channel Antena 3 International.

Energy Sistem, as last year, have had a really important role in the event, not only for the participation, but also for sponsoring the fair and taking advantage of all its potential through different events such as Live@Distree speeches, presentations such as “60 secs to convince” or different award nominations in the categories where we have participated…

During 2 days, Energy Sistem’s team has had the opportunity of meeting several managers of different firms from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, etc. that have shown a big interest for getting to know and distribute our brand. The results of the event have been a great success. The whole Energy Sistem’s team has had more than 50 meetings, which we hope will turn into distribution meetings with the different local partners that will allow making the brand accessible for the consumer that want to enjoy of Energy Sistem. A brand which is able to offer most wanted technology at a very affordable price.

The reward after the hard work done by the team was not only an amazing result, but also an award obtained after the vote of all the assistants for the best Audio Distributor and Portable Devices of the event. Congratulations!

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