Here you have a new draw that, for sure, you won’t forget. It is an incredible Energy Mobile DVD D9 Wireless Game, portable DVD in white with more than 80 exciting games included, such as sports, adventures, strategy, music, puzzle, courses… And you will be able to play with an ergonomic and wireless controller with kinetic control and motion sensor that will offer you a real game experience.

Moreover, thanks to its9”HD LCD-TFT touch screen and contrast, it allows playing all kind of multimedia files such as music, videos, films and widescreen photos. It plays files from USB Host to external memory cards SD/SDHC/MMC/MS up to 16GB; you will be able to forget about battery’s life, because it includes a three-hour charge (rechargeable with external power adapter and 12V car) and an anti-shock system that avoids the interruption of the current playback with the vehicle movements.

But this is not all, here we have more surprises. So, here we have the winners of the draw that are going to get an Energy MP4 Color Book 3048 Ruby Red:



Congratulations both! We hope you will enjoy this incredible Color Book with an exclusive design and functions that will allow you to enjoy of your favorite e-books, videos, images and songs wherever you are.

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