We have already known that the recording industry was in crisis before of the boom current capitalist system; the point is that one of the main sources of income is in the doldrums. The authorities have been warning about it, but the fact is that we have a new species in danger, which is the CD.

The traces left by the Napster Empire and new digital technologies have completely revolutionized the consumption behavior of the users in the music market. The future of the CD is less uncertain each day because its early extinction is threatened.

The facilities offered by new digital technologies (mobile phones, MP3 players, MP4, tablets, etc), new audio formats such as MP3 and Internet platforms as Youtube, Spotify and downloading portals have contributed in the extinction of the CD.

With just one click and at speeds above 1.875 KB per second, the users are less likely to go to the point of sale and paying excessive prices through the eyes of the consumer, just for buying a CD. This dematerialization of the CD is not only revolutionizing the music world, but also is contributing to the emergence of a new generation of the “Streaming Generation”.

This new generation is made up of young people, technologically connected and totally informed of last sites and online websites that allow the download or the online visualization of multimedia content: films, music, games, etc. A vast online universe offering leisure, culture and entertainment on demand.

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