Months ago we offered you some images of the Starting from Zero´s shooting, a short filmed inAlicantewith an international flavour. Our Energy DJ 700 Porta Edition headphones are the main characters of the shot.

The short, sponsored by Energy Sistem, produced by the communication agency Cassanova and directed by Gregorio Arroyo, has arrived in the London Spanish Festival this weekend getting a favourable reception among the spectators.

The short, filmed in English with actors such as: Andy Hutchison, Marie Borck, Rafiq Richard and Fanny Gatibelza (actress who worked in El truco del manco, a film awarded in 2009 with a Spanish prize, a Goya) has made its debut in the 8th edition of the London Spanish Festival. The shot is about a man who gets a second chance in life and loses it during a shooting at a hospital’s car park. Along with a pregnant woman and a young boy, they try to survive at any cost.

After its first release in London, the film won’t arrive at the cinemas of the city of Alicante until the end of the current month. For the time being, its official website reveals some parts of the shot. We look forward to seeing it in all Spanish and international festivals.

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